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Spot on Decorating

We offer a quality painting and decorating service at competitive rates. All work is carried out in a clean and professional manner using the best quality materials.

With an attention to detail and passion for perfection all our projects are finished to the complete satisfaction of our Customers.


Painting and decorating

Newly painted and decorated interiors bring a host of advantages. Beyond a fresh aesthetic, they enhance the overall atmosphere, fostering a positive and welcoming environment. The right colors and textures influence mood, creating spaces that inspire relaxation or productivity.
Updated interiors contribute to increased property value and appeal, making them more marketable. The investment in a well-executed paint and decor makeover offers a quick and impactful way to revitalize and elevate any living or working space.

Our painting and decorating services

Interior Wall Painting

Professional painting services for the walls inside your home, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Exterior House Painting

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with exterior painting services, protecting it from the elements.

Commercial Space Painting

Tailored painting services for offices, retail stores, and other commercial properties to create a professional look.

Roof painting

Roof painting enhances aesthetics, protects against weathering, and extends lifespan. Requires cleaning, priming, and quality paint application for durability.

Spray painting

Spray painting applies a fine mist of paint, achieving smooth finishes on surfaces. Requires proper ventilation, protective gear, and technique precision.

Ceiling Painting

Give ceilings a fresh coat of paint to brighten and refresh the overall appearance of a room.

Exterior Wood Painting and Staining

Exterior wood painting and staining is a vital aesthetic and protective measure for homes and structures. The process involves meticulously preparing and treating outdoor wood surfaces before applying high-quality paint or stain.

Painting shields wood from the elements, preventing decay, rot, and weathering, while staining accentuates the natural grain, enhancing its beauty. Both methods offer durable protection against UV rays, moisture, and insects, prolonging the life of structures like decks, fences, and trim.

Beyond preservation, the right choice of color or stain elevates curb appeal, adding character and value to the property, making it an essential aspect of exterior maintenance.

What customers say

“Andrzej was great. He turned up on time, was efficient, friendly and was the right price. Most importantly, the painting looks great.

Christine,Dee Why, NSW

Quick and high quality painting work. Very friendly and flexible. Highly recommended!

Paul, West Pennant Hills, NSW

“Connected with Spot On Decorating Services Pty Ltd through hipages.com.au and we have confirmed that they would recommend the company.

Lorraine, Asquith, NSW
Andrzej Popiolek

Spot On Decorating company owner

As the owner of this renovating and interior painting company, I take pride in our exceptional craftsmanship. With a keen eye for detail and creative expertise, we transform spaces into personalized works of art. Our commitment to professionalism ensures a seamless experience, making us the top choice for transformative projects.

Spot On Cleaning

We recommend a proven cleaning company in the Hornsby area

With a personalized approach to each client, Spot On Cleaning provide top-tier services tailored to their specific needs and expectations. Professional team pays attention to every detail, ensuring complete satisfaction and the highest level of cleanliness in Hornsby and its neighboring areas.

Spot On Cleaning offers comprehensive cleaning services for homes and commercial establishments in Hornsby and its surrounding areas. Spot On Cleaning specialize in thorough cleaning of all living spaces, ranging from small apartments to large houses, as well as offices.

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